The ever-evolving art form of the music industry has never been more diverse than where we find it in todays’ musical landscape. From auto-tuned trappers to storytelling lyricist, from turn up to conscious,the culture is widely represented. Issa, who got his cadence and stripes calls Atlanta home. He is the epidemy of all the above. Music is in every part of him, he was born for this. Issa’s unique sound and style is loved by many fans across the globe, but there are still many who have yet to experience his gift. He is primed and ready to reach them. Issa was introduced to music at an early age by his stepfather, an aspiring rapper from the Bronx, NY.

         At just nine years old, Issa would follow his

Dad’spath and begin honing his lyrical skills and style. He could be found battling with the best NYC had to offer on the street corners of NY. In these cyphers and impromptu living room concerts he recited and performed songs and freestyles penned by his Dad.People would be in pure shock. His delivery and ability to memorize lines was beyond his years. Everywhere he went people knew he was a star. As he matured, Issa began cultivating his own sound and writing his own rhythms. With artist like DMX, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Bob Marley serving as his inspiration. Spending summers with his biological father’s family in their native Kingston, Jamaica would open him up culturally to a much larger world. After shifting around the DC area with his family, Issa’s life would get a new background when they decided to pick up and move to Atlanta for his talent to flourish.

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